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A moment I wanted to share.

As per usual, Clay was in charge of managing the venue at the party on Saturday night. It was a particularly crowded and complex event. Everything actually went really well, but it was stressful and intense, and he'd just come off of a shift at his day job. He basically worked a 16-hour day with no breaks, and just a little time to socialize and relax at the end.

I did what I could to help out, ranging from putting up decorations to running out for more supplies to just sitting quietly at his feet with my head on his thigh while he checked people in. I had my share of fun, no doubt, and I gave him his space from time to time, but I tried to make sure that his needs were met and that he was supported whenever I could.

At the end of the night, he looked exhausted. I asked him how he was doing. He smiled and said that he was fine, just tired. Then he said "Whenever I got worried tonight, I just thought to myself 'It's going to be fine, because my girl is here.' You give me so much strength."

Happy happy happy.
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