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That sounds good in theory, and it is what is happening now. It is not going to last. All the signs and even his own actions are pointing to it blowing up in due time. He is resenting it every step of the way. Look at where the last bout of resentment ended. Their paths may never have to cross, but the splitting of the time is where the problem is coming in. He feels forced into splitting time with someone he views as a threat and an outsider who should have never had co-parent rights because he was never asked. I cannot even argue with that. Should he have to split his available time that could be spent with our children with her? I have no argument in favour of that because like most parents we both work and spend a majority of our days outside of the home and away from them. Naturally you want to spend time with them and bond one-on-one. That is his argument. In my case, I work x amount hours every day, and the time left belongs to my family first and foremost. Everything else falls in place. He has a similar stance. I feel wrong for even suggesting that he cut a fraction of the time he has in order for her to be able to see them. I get pissed when I get called in on my off days or while on-call because it infringes on my quality time with my children. I can only imagine if that time was given to someone I did not care for. I have no idea what the right thing to do is right now.

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