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I am confused. Is this correct? Please correct me if I am wrong. I'm just trying to help by guessing, ok? I could be totally wrong.
  • You are seeing a man for over a year now.
  • His wife is Sam. She is also your best friend.
  • Some new GF is going to move in soon with him in the next 6 mos.
  • You feel scared at times that you will land up being pushed away and forgotten.
  • Lately you feel envious that Sam and he share sex when before you were ok.
So could the trigger be the new GF coming to move in? Then the GF and Sam have what you do not -- cohabitaing with him? That there may not be time left to share with you? Since the GF is not here, could you be projecting your UGH on the one who IS here -- Sam?

Could you be upset that this new GF is moving in and you were not part of the discussion? You were left out of talks even though it makes a major change in the polyship dynamic and your own life as a result?

Do you need to be reassured by him that you are bot going to be pushed away and forgotten? What behavior would you like him to do to show that? A steady date night? Something off page 5 and 6 here? Something else that would demonstrate a commitment to you of NOT forgetting about you?

Hang in there. Breathe, and try to sort out how you feel and what you might like to request of him and of yourself so you can start to feel better.


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