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Originally Posted by johnrodriguezlax View Post
Is there a difference between polyfidelitous triads and trinogamous relationships? I'm familiar with the former but not the latter. Are they the same?
My impression is that they are the same. My impression is that the "trinogamous" term comes from the LGBT community, whereas I am used to seeing "polyfi triad" on the poly boards that I frequent.

Originally Posted by johnrodriguezlax View Post
Also, is the term "unicorn hunter" usually applied to one type of pursuit (a couple looking for a bisexual female)? If so, I'm just curious if the poly community tends to find that type of relationship very unusual?
"Unicorn Hunter" is usually applied to a couple (generally straight male + bisexual female) who is looking for a bisexual female who is looking for another bi-female to "complete" them. There are problematic assumptions underlying this quest (which is what most of the discussions are about) - namely that this "Hot Bi Babe" is going to be interested in both of them equally and the relationships are going to progress at the same rate - all the while not "threatening" the original pairing in any way.

It's not that this type of relationship is very unusual - many folks look for it, some folks find it - for a while. It's that it seems to be more "sought after" than "successfully completed" (again, due to underlying assumptions that have not been addressed).

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