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I just had the weirdest dinner in my life. The courses consisted of marinated kangaroo, zebra, crocodile, bison, chocolate covered scorpions, and crickets were in there somewhere. If you are ever in London, skip going to Archipelago. My hubby and his colleagues invited us out to dinner. I was like it might be safe. Until I caught a look at the menu. I had heard about this place. One of the telly shows from the States filmed a segment there during the week leading up to the royal wedding, but I did not remember what they were eating. Never again. *gagging*

Me: "Babe, I cannot eat Hoppy."
Matt: "Who is Hoppy?"
Me: "Hoppy the Kangaroo, Stripes the Zebra, Crikey the Crocodile, Benny the Bison and Chirpy the Cricket. The food on this menu."
Matt: "You named the animals?"
Me: "Yes. This is so gross. Eww x 10."
Matt: "Be adventurous. You love chocolate, right?"
Me: "Of course."
Matt: "Try this."
Me: "What is it? It looks like a chocolate shaped scorpion."
Matt: "It is a scorpion."
Me: *side eye and raised eyebrow* "How dare they desecrate chocolate? The nerve."

He thought it was funny. I was not laughing. I could not wait to get out of there and get to something that was not so unusual. Eek.

Aside from the dinner situation, today was a pretty decent day. I dislike Monday's, but I had a really great weekend, so I was coming off of that high. I fixed breakfast for my children and spent some time with them before I left. They always cheer me up.

The only issue weighing on my mind quite heavily is what to do about this Matt/Si situation. Joint counselling is still not an option. Neither side is willing, so it is not something that I can even conspire to pull off behind their backs. I have thought about bringing them together, but I think that would be a bad decision.

Maybe I do need to start cutting the amount of time she spends with our children. I cannot imagine how much that is going to hurt. Si was there for doctor's appointments, nursery decorating, both births, first kicks, first steps, first words, and all those important moments in a parent's life. My daughter called her mum #2. She treats them just like she gave birth to them. Is the only option to just severe those ties and hope that my daughter will forget about her? How cold is that? She lost Matt. She lost our relationship. Now, she is about to lose the last pieces of her family? There has to be another way.

The other solution means Matt continues to tolerate it until he breaks again. He dislikes her and is constantly questioning her motives, so it truly is a matter of time. It is too bad. I could give it some more time. I am hoping that another option presents itself. I have some hard decisions to make, and I have no choice but to be proactive.
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