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Originally Posted by Janelle View Post
Hi Kevin, and thanks for the warm welcome...

T and I had a discussion about telling E how involved the relationship has gotten as we are planning to take a trip together sometime in the future. His response today is that she has some concerns as we are starting to share some things (the trip) that they have not shared.

(A lil background info)T and I speak very openly about E well about everything in general. We dont beleive in censorship everyone is honest and nothing is off topic because he makes me feel secure in my place in the relationship. T does not speak openly to E about me. Initially we were just seeing where this went, as time went along he and I discussed filling her in about the progress of the relationship.

I support the relationship with E and T but have no urge to hang out as a group.

Is it my responsibility (for lack of better word) to help her understand that I am not here to "move in" on T. Yet im here to supplement his needs and for him to fulfill mine which works wonderfully?

Is it solely T responsibility? Does anyone here have any insight to this dynamic? I support the relationship.... main goal is my hapiness together with T.
...her main goal should be her hapiness together with T
...his main goal should be both our hapiness (PS I told him his job was harder lol)

Do you think that his lack of total honesty may be feeding her concerns??? Honesty (even if it hurts) allows the other person to understand where your at in your relationship (or their own), allows her to know his feelings, and allows her to start processing that truth...
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