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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Thank you, i appreciate the effort you made to bring it here for everyone's benefit. It seems people are more concerned (if they are indeed concerned at all) with definitions of recently-invented words or words adopted into slang forms that are specific to polyamory (compersion, triad, unicorn, polythisthattheotherwhatever), but it is also important to know the definitions and proper usage of established vocabulary words. The definitions i gave above, while perhaps not phrased in a scientifically correct manner, did effectively communicate the mistake LR made when it came to the usage of the word "opaque".
You're welcome. I agree. I'd lobby for a definitionally uniform society. Polyamory thru universally monodefinitive lexicon. Though, i suspect I am being theoretically liberal while ideologically unilateral and proponentially promoting polyfrustration, potentially.
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