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Is there a "Polyamory/nonmonogamy for Dummies" book yet? There are books like that about almost every topic one can imagine it seems. One section of the book is always, no matter what is the topic, called "The Part of Tens" and it contains lists about various aspects of the topic with ten things on each list. If you are unfamiliar with the format followed by "For Dummies", pick up any book like that at the library or look for one on Amazon with a thing that says "Look Inside" on it, and that lets you view the table of contents.

I just think that if you have to go to all this trouble to teach someone basic manners and decency, maybe you're better off being just friends or better off without them altogether. My best relationships (two of which i am in right now) have always been ones where we hardly ever discuss the relationship because we're having a good time HAVING them.
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