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Default Trinogamous Relationship / Polyfidelitous Triads

I'm new to the forum and have a lot of questions - but I wanted to start with these:

Is there a difference between polyfidelitous triads and trinogamous relationships? I'm familiar with the former but not the latter. Are they the same?

Also, is the term "unicorn hunter" usually applied to one type of pursuit (a couple looking for a bisexual female)? If so, I'm just curious if the poly community tends to find that type of relationship very unusual?

My questions are sincere. I just say that because I've read some threads and it seems the whole "unicorn hunter" term is controversial or arises in some of the more controversial viewpoints.

Are there threads here dedicated to people in either polyfidelitous triads and trinogamous relationships (if there's a difference, if not, is there a thread where people in this type of relationship tend to have dialog)?
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