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Originally Posted by NutBusterX View Post
a transparent object is one that lets light pass through with no shadows formed eg. clear window , transparent glass

a translucent object lets only some light go through (not all)and forms a shadow that is very light eg. bathroom window

an opaque object lets no light pass through and forms a shadow eg. table, chair,etc

- source:

Having read other posts and threads regarding definitions (i.e., jealousy vs envy, lying vs omission, etc) I looked up the comparison of opacity vs transparency vs translucency. I am of the thought camp who believe in common definitions amongst the group. Call me a word geek if you like. My brain wanted validation and i thought i might save some others the "googling" trip.

Thank you, i appreciate the effort you made to bring it here for everyone's benefit. It seems people are more concerned (if they are indeed concerned at all) with definitions of recently-invented words or words adopted into slang forms that are specific to polyamory (compersion, triad, unicorn, polythisthattheotherwhatever), but it is also important to know the definitions and proper usage of established vocabulary words. The definitions i gave above, while perhaps not phrased in a scientifically correct manner, did effectively communicate the mistake LR made when it came to the usage of the word "opaque".
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