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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
That's the thing. I think every polyship could just co-create that for themselves based on the wants/needs/limits of the people in that polyship. What their personal ethics standard is for THEM.

There is no universal form because there's as many ways to "do poly" as there are poly people." People value different things.

I know what I want for my own polyship standard. My short list is my short list. *shrug*

I see you trying to draft something for yourself so... go for it. Just as all people could go for it.

As to the "breaking up" thing... and how to word it?

"I have the right to be broken up with the way I prefer. Ie : ______(whatever form that is for you) ______. "
Fair point. But let me ask: Is there any sort of general guiding principle behind all this, a standard of conduct that applies no matter what form the relationship takes?

Do you think that, in general, people who are entering in to a relationship with one another ought to treat one another as free and equal in working out the terms of their relationship? Should they avoid harming the other person or exposing them to risks to which they do not consent? Should people aim to be honest and worthy of trust?

Those are the kinds if ethical principles or reasonable expectations I have in mind. As I've stated them here, they're really really general - they may apply to all people in just about any situation. There may be ways of making them more specific to the kinds of relationships we generally talk about on this forum without - and this is the main thing - micromanaging or dictating the precise form of a relationship.

Or am I coming at this thread all sideways? I really should start a new thread of my own!

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