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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Now that i think about it, i'm not crazy about "charter" either, because it makes it sound like i'm running my relationship with a board of directors or something. I like the word "list". Short, accurate and boring. I like boring. It keeps things simple. Simple is good. That is all.
Fair enough. I suggested "charter" with tongue in cheek, though. It is too formal.

I'm also thinking beyond this thread, in that I'm not really paying much attention to the primary/secondary distinction . . . which suggests maybe I should start a new thread of my own.

I'm thinking about what puts the ethics in "ethical non-monogamy", and my thought about "reasonable expectations" in personal relationships is modeled on professional codes of ethics.

So, the aim would be to articulate a code of ethics for relationships, one that could apply regardless of such qualifiers as "primary" or "secondary". They might start with some fundamental canons: avoid harm; respect and support capacity of others to make decisions for themselves; etc.

But, really, the code is more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules . . .

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