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Originally Posted by crisare View Post
Hm. I'm not *entirely* sure I agree with this. I would not have cheated on my husband if the person I had the affair with didn't encourage our relationship to continue and become a party to my lies.
I hear you on this. I guess I was coming from a place of knowing that I would never go so far as to encourage an affair. And from the assumption that as a cheatee, (a person that's being cheated with), I discovered afterwards about the other person.

I am still processing everything I'm reading here. I am enjoying reading this thread, (and definitely feel that it's valuable on this board, though I definitely understand why Fidelia feels it's not relevant to poly).

All of this brings up the question: If I am open to stretching parts of myself, where does it stop being healthy, good-for-me growth and simply being untrue to myself? That's what I'm mulling over and don't have much else to contribute than that.
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