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well, it's sunday night...another great weekend for all 3 of us. Saturday night was my weekend night and what a great night it was. He was out visiting his daughter and enjoying her 21st birthday, making sure she got home. Wife and I had a nice dinner out, curled up on the couch for a bit but since she was tired she went up to bed and told me to be sure to wake her when I came up. A while later I crawled into bed and wrapped my arms around her. She woke up to soft kisses and returned the favor 10 fold. We had a fantastic love making session....really fantastic, gentle with her being so into it she said she could feel it all over. We talked and cuddled after with her again thanking me for allowing her to have this whole experience, telling me how great it is to have the love of 2 men who adore her. Today I had to leave early for training and then work after that and won't be home till tuesday. I have told her to enjoy her day alone and the private time they will have this evening. Once I was settled in at work I was online chatting with her and she said he was gone for a while but came back and had dinner with her. After that they cleaned up, talked and enjoyed each others company eventually making it to the bedroom and making love for a while. Nothing rushed and oral led to several positions of great sex that she said felt almost as good as the night before with me. He was sleeping as he has to go late tonight for his regular work week but she was going to curl up with him later on until he had to leave. He will actually be gone 2 weeks this time and won't be home next weekend due to a meeting in another state he has to attend so she said she was going to make sure he was sent off I think he will be and I know we will miss him while he is gone. She said they talked after he is comfortable with our relationship and not looking to move or find anything else so she is quite happy about that. I know they will text and talk throughout the next couple of weeks to keep the fire burning but it will also be nice to have a weekend with just her and I. I am thinking when he gets back though it is going to be quite a night for sure.....
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