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I'm S (33), been married to N (34) for almost.5 years. I've been poly since a teen and had a somewhat open relationship with my first husband (J)of 11 years (he wanted a polyfi triad, I did not. I wanted to each date separate. We ad a v for awhile, he bring the hinge but it almost destroyed our marriage as he was not respecting my boundaries. We got back together after over a year and we had casual relationships with others.

When I got with N I made it clear what I wanted and we had some boundaries. No dating people from work and he had to get approval before sleeping with someone. We had a ton of fun mostly casual fwb stuff. We attempted a quad but they weren't the right couple. N is seeing multiple women right now, I'm not seeing anyone though. I date both men and women but haven't met anyone in a long time that I liked and I haven't been in the mood lol N had a triad relationship for a short time with his ex gf before they before they broke things off to move out of state. He knew after that he wasn't interested in a nono relationship.

Some things about me: I breastfeed, cloth diaper, had 2 unassisted homebirths, homeschool, we live a pretty frugal and low impact life. I'm starting school this Summer to get a social work degree. N is passionate about politics, art, comics, and RPGs. Basically were a couple of crunchy geeks lol. We are also both atheists and vegetarian. I'm originally from OR and N is from Chicago

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