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Yay JohnnyAce! I'm happy for you both. The event missed me, I was out of NYC at that point. But there'll be other chances.

Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
Maybe I'm a little out of touch with some polys, but is it customary to start making out with some chick the first poly event you go to? Whatever happened to a meet and greet, learn a little and make a date for some other time? Do we all now move right into the next make out chick at our next meeting?
"We all" don't have to do anything. As far as I can tell there is no "customary" when it comes to how polys approach their relationships. Spontaneity can be apart of some poly relationships as much as "meet and greet" and waiting for later.

JohnnyAce was expressing an experience which he and JustChristine had at their first poly event. It was positive for them. What exactly is the purpose of your comment?

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