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I don't think my wife and I would have ever discussed having her bf move in with us, if he and I didn't get along the way we do. If he and I weren't comfortable enough with each other that we couldn't hang out together or do things on our own, we wouldn't even consider it.
The whole idea and concept is actually kind of interesting, living together as a poly unit. There seems to be many benefits from it as well. We have had the opportunity to "test the waters" as he lives 3000 miles away and when he does visit, its usually for 2 or 3 weeks at a time...
Previously we would all sleep in the same bed when he would visit. But with this most recent visit, we had set up the guest room for him and found that everyone was actually more comfortable, he had his own space if he wanted time by himself and we all sleep more comfortably. The arrangement would be that my wife and I have our room and he would have a room to himself, if we do make the move to live together.
Would love to hear others arrangements, what worked or didn't and such...
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