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I am sad to say-my navigation at the beginning was a nightmare.

However-the key detail that was most important to me was complete honesty (being totally opaque) because prior-I had lied about things to "keep from hurting" lovers.

That one detail led to so many new changes in myself-and those led to changes in our relationships and family.

The second most important thing for me was making educated, safer decisions regarding sex practices. I researched STI's, risks, tests ets. Both of my partners were horrified to learn that when you go to the Dr and ask them for the full spectrum of STI testing-they still only test for 3 sti's in our state. They will ONLY test for the others if you request them by name. So here are all these people in open relationships or who are lying and having affairs-and they think they have a clean bill of health-never knowing that they were never tested for herpes, aids, hepatitis, syphillus....

Finally-related to being opaque, I need to know that all of my partners are in agreement, that before we add a new partner-we introduce them to each other. Not because we must be friends etc. But-the only way to ensure that everyone is being treated with honesty that this is a poly dynamic-is for them to have met.
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