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Hello Aquamarine,
Welcome to our forum.

We have got to know Kay a little and it has been enjoyable. Now it's nice to meet you too!

I can relate to your feeling afraid, as most of my life has been haunted by fears. I also had an upbringing comparable to yours -- very religious and sex-negative. It took me a long time to get to the point where I could accept poly as part of my life.

I think the secret here, in your situation, is to take things slow, and to do lots of communicating with Kay, O, and Kay's friend. Find out how everyone's feeling a lot of the time. Also let people know if you need reassurance.

It is difficult to realize one is poly-inclined in a world that is not inclined to accept poly. I think participating on will help with that. It will demonstrate to you that many other good people are poly too.

Be assured, from my point of view, that you are a good and worthy person just as you are.

Kevin T.
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