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It's a great weekend in our triad. K and H and I have cleared a year together with some ups and downs but really finding ourselves now. H and K and I had a wonderful night last, now they have gone out of town for the night and they are having a great time. I am at home with the kids and having a ball. They really needed this and I am so happy for them. No jealousy while I miss them I know they will be back tomorrow. I really feel the compersion tonight. It's such a great feeling knowing they are getting some time with each other, to nurture their relationship. It will make us all stronger. I haven't stopped smiling since they pulled out of the driveway. I went and washed my Cammero convertible for them and let them take it.

Just the thought of the two of them driving down the road holding hands and loving on each other with the sun shining down on them in this beautiful 75 degree weather makes me so happy. Becoming Poly was one of the best decisions we all three have ever made.
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