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Default Struggling with a breakup

Well, my relationship with my secondary partner recently dissolved - mostly because he discovered he can't function well as part of a poly relationship.

It's incredibly frustrating, because we both love each other - quite possibly too much for the boundaries of what we can logically have right now. But he wants someone to marry, someone he can come home to, and while I want something long term as well, I can never actually marry him. He actually told me the reason why he was breaking up with me was because he wanted me to be the woman he came home to. He wanted to marry me. I didn't even know how to respond to that, other than I wished that somehow I could make it happen - although B is not poly either, and there is no way in hell living with both of them under the same roof would ever happen.

We're trying to be friends, but it's very rough at times. I wish I could have that romantic side of our relationship back, or hell, even just the sexual side. He's doing a good job at keeping things strictly platonic - I think it's helping both of us stay moderately sane - but it's still incredibly hard for me at times.

Has anyone else dealt with a situation like this?
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