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Originally Posted by Elorahd View Post
So, can someone give me an idea of how easy or hard it might be for him to find other women interested in this specific situation? I'm just kind of curious and it also might help give me an expectation on how long we might have to do this alone before someone else is added to the mix.
You never know! My ex h and I found a woman who we stupidly thought would be our unicorn, almost as soon as we decided to open our relationship. She was part of a large circle of friends we had. However, she ended up only interested romantically in him, not me.

Years later, when he and I separated, I discovered the dating site ok cupid. I met my gf within 3 weeks of joining. I didn't expect us to get serious right away, but we just clicked like mad!

I kept dating, must've dated 30 men before I found my current bf. Took 3 years! We've now been together over a year. I've had a few other relationships lasting 6-9 months however. Nothing like a real love thing like I've got for miss pixi and Ginger though.
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