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Hi all. Thank you for all the answers Was great to see everyone's input.
I will comment on some replies.

GalaGirl - I agree it's important to not get hung up on the 'why' but move on to the 'how change it'.
Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Hrm. How about seeing them where THEY live first? And see if that makes them more willing to see where YOU live next?

Me: Other than sexually exclusive, how do people in a monogamous relationship demonstrate their committment to each other?
Hm. I really like the idea of just asking them what they understand as 'commitment' before discussing it any further. Often times before anything can be discussed we have to see if we have the same understanding of words.
That was exactly the problem - I understood from them that commitment was ONLY sexual exclusiveness for them - and that I could just not understand. So simply asking rather than assuming seems sensible.
Thank you for the input. I am curious to see what happens when I try this.

Originally Posted by kkxvlv View Post
The troubling part to me is wondering if that is all commitment means to them.
Exactly! That is exactly what I mean.

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