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Thanks. That's the stuff I needed to hear. Right now I'm about getting what I need and protecting my own interests. But he and I aren't at a stage where we really care about each other yet. He has a lot of other things in his life, hobbies and such, that I'm taking no interest in at the moment. I don't find them inherently interesting. Currently we share and talk about things that we both have in common. But isn't that what you do early in a relationship? I can certainly see that if we spend more time together and come to care for each other that my lack of interest in those things will change. And if he ends up dating other women like me, I can see us becoming friends. But I'm definitely like your husband in that it's important to me that he treat all women in his life with respect and integrity. I've actually become pretty sensitive about that as I've been in plenty of dysfunctional relationships in the past and I have absolutely no tolerance for it anymore. I wouldn't want to date someone who used or took advantage of other women.
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