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Hey there. I just wanted to give a shout-out to option #1. I'm guessing that you're in the prime of your life. Even if you lose your boyfriend -- and you might, it's true -- your life will go on. You will love again. Heck, you already do in the form of Mr. Gentleman/Statesman/Every-man.

Being honest is hard and scary. But the alternatives are much worse. You seem to know that, since "abandon a piece of myself" and "kill myself" are what you've seen that you're left with in the absence of honesty. Honesty is hard when you're saying the words, but then a million times easier afterwards. The weight is off your chest. You're free. You can move forward, and discover what life has in store.

Maybe your boyfriend will surprise you and be more open-minded than you ever dreamed. Do you really want to deny him the opportunity to show you a new side of himself, if in fact there is one hiding behind what you've already seen? Alternately, of course, you might break his heart. But do you know what would break his heart a million times worse, possibly in a way that never heals? For his girlfriend to kill herself? That's not the sort of thing people get over easily, if at all. It's the cruelest possible option for all involved.
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