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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Here is a really good site that explains passive aggressive behavior and how to deal with it

Do your own google search on passive aggressive behavior and see what comes up. When I did this, I recognized that my husband fits about 80% of the classic descriptions. Learning how to deal with this type of personality can make communicating much more effective.

Sarcastic and evasive are passive aggressive. I'm sure we are all guilty of passive aggressive behavior on occasion, while others make a habit out of it. When looking at a list of 10 items, I found 2 I do on a regular basis, while my husband does about 8, all of which he denies and provide excuses for. His denial doesn't make it any less passive aggressive.

Sarcastic is sarcastic and evasive is evasive. They are only passive aggressive if they are used in a passive aggressive way, that is, to pretend one is agreeing with something that one has no intent to follow through with. I can be sarcastic or evasive without being passive aggressive. They don't go hand in hand with each other by default.
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