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What way is he wanting to do it? How about you?

I'd suggest you read together and decide if you are compatible together in the first place. Nobody can determine your agreements for you -- it's DIY.

But if you are not open relationship model compatible at all -- like he wants "swinging" and you want "polyfidelity"... then it isn't gonna be a runner, right? That's two different open relationship models. Or maybe one wants a "heirarchy thing with primary-secondary-tertiary" and the other wants "co-primary" or "only secondaries" or something. Have to determine if you are on the same page.

So maybe what you need are links to read to help you sort your preferences out?

What open relationship models appeal to you/him? Do you both agree on that?

Pay attention to potential pitfalls. Here's another pitfall article.



Talk it out together. That's what dating time is for. To find the people that are compatible to you. Not every dating partner is gonna be a runner. YKWIM?


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