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Default Fabulous Start.

I think those that have some reluctance around sharing their emotional world have a great deal to offer. So glad that you're posting on here, and glad that you are connecting with what you don't want - that's largely how I navigate through life as well. Be open, and discover what doesn't work for you, while getting closer to what you do want.

It sounds like you're aware of your NRE, and in my experience that goes a LONG way to finding the path that will create the most happiness for everyone in the face of some very exciting and new emotions.

I wonder about your query - do men respond in a more immersed way to NRE? That is very interesting question. I wonder if it has more to do with one's Meyer's Brigg's - the psychological and emotional style in which we process interior and exterior worlds. I have watched members of both gender succumb to the almost drugged state of NRE while inadventantly trodding all over other people's hearts. Perhaps it's a tendency towards escapism? A tendency towards addiction? This will have me thinking all day.

Welcome, and am looking forward to reading more about your experience!
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