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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
However this new baby is also his, therefore it's their grandchild also, it is a hard man who would allow one child to be rejected whilst the other is accepted.

It would be easier if the other children were not related to their son but I don't see how they will be allowed to reject this other grandchild?

I've watched it in my own fam. I'm not the only poly friendly member. The grandma treats the other kid differently and had no problem admitting it. She admitted to not doing as much as she does for the other kids and not even wanting to foster a relationship with her. I don't condone treating an innocent baby that way, but I can't tell people how to live. I wouldn't accept that. I wondered how that was possible. I do wonder if my immediate family would do the same. I don't have kids, yet. I'm from Louisiana aka close minded central. Bible thumping, judgmental, close minded relatives are what I grew up with. I couldn't wait to move for college. The people called family were the biggest hypocrites. It's not being allowed to do it. They do as they please and don't miss a wink of sleep behind it. Yeah the mentality is jacked. My family is full of bigots and ignorance. I know what I gotta deal with. I watched my aunt turn on my cousin for wanting to attend college and be more than a statistic.

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