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Thanks for the supportive messages I can't believe how many posts you reply to, KDT, it's seriously impressive.

Limbo could be a lot worse, and I really don't envy DK's situation. By having me in his life, I believe that he feels that finding a primary partner will be much, much harder, since most people would turn away as soon as they found out I am in his life. TJ just exacerbates this fear, since they get along really well, but I'm a complete dealbreaker. I'm trying to reassure him that neither me or WK has him slotted as "secondary", and we won't be making huge life changing decisions without his input, but his brain automatically thinks hierarchy is natural and fine.

Ack, rant. Limbo isn't too bad for me, that's my point. DK, WK and I are going out for celebration sushi (graduating from university!), and it'll be the first time it's just the three of us, which is a little nervous making. I dunno where I should sit. #First-world-poly-problems.
WK - Live in BF. DK - Out of town BF. Me trying to be cool.
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