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Your blog caught my attention. The name pulls you in, and I dig your writing style. Totes get it. I just saw a bonobos at our zoo. I loved watching them.

NRE makes your peripherals fade and no one outside of that tunnel vision matters. You can keep it under control by not letting it control you. It's like a happy cocktail. The high is high. It feels super good. You prevent neglect from happening by checking in with Nisha and asking if there's anything she needs. You know that the trip was a bust, and we all lose our heads. You correct it and learn what to do. It's not forever, and that's a good thing.

Poly takes practice and time to master. I like making flubs so I can say doh like Homer. I've learned many things. I like growing and being able to take something from every experience. That's worth making a couple of mistakes.

♡ Bella

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