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Originally Posted by KerrBear View Post blows my mind how many people would throw away everything in their lives, no matter how happy their marriage is otherwise, because their partner cheats on them.
That's just it...when you find out your spouse is cheating on you, it's not just about having had sex. It's about the lies, the cover-ups, the deceptions. It's about the broken trust. About the willingness to play mind games with you to the point you question your own sanity, in many cases. About realizing you can't trust this person anymore, not with their word, not with the family finances, not with your health--because you can't believe a word they say. When these things are finally understood, it's most definitely not a happy marriage.

My ex husband feels much as you do: so he lied a few (thousand) times, did it really matter? Weren't we happy? Uh...yeah, HE was happy. I'm one of those people who threw away 'everything' over a little cheating.

From what I have seen, some mono people don't know what commitment really means because they are confusing commitment to sex.
That's kind of a generalization. It could equally be said that some poly people don't know what commitment means. And if the commitment two people have made includes sexual fidelity, then that is part of their commitment to one another and is not confusion, but a reasonable agreement for many reasons.
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