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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Go to your bf's place and let your husband stay at home!!!

And I don't understand why hubby gets upset if your bf treats you to dinner - with most poly partners who complain about spending, it is just the opposite issue. They get upset when they feel they have to shell out money for their partners to see other people, while their metamours don't spend enough in their opinion. Your husband definitely has a possessive streak and seems to feel he owns you. He needs to grow up a little - everything he has done sounds so out of control and a bit immature.
I would LOVE to go to my bf's place, but right now he lives with his parents so that wouldn't be a good idea.

Yeah, I don't completely understand my husband's money issue either. He says it's because he cannot afford to take me out right now so he feels it as a slap to the face when my boyfriend can.
Me: 30. New to Poly but previous swinger for roughly 4 years. Married since 2008 but together since 2007.

Husband: Mid 30's. Swinger.

Boyfriend is a Muslim and we're in a LDR since July of 2014.
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