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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Take this as you will, its something I have always connected with and something I still connect with now that my wife and I investigate the idea of being poly. Most of the discussion in the poly communities I have found doesn't suit my nature...its either too sexual or too....loving...difficult to explain I suppose.
I/we relate to this strongly as it highlights some of the discomfort we feel in viewing some of the discussions that take place here that try to formalize & label everything to the Nth degree.

It's simple once you have experienced it but difficult to put into words (that can't be misinterpreted). When people connect at a certain level, the whole discussion about sex, love etc just seems to be..........inadequate. It just flows, changing and conforming to it's natural course every moment. Attempting to analyze it often seems to just interupt that natural flow. Similar to the discoveries of quantum physics of - no less - LIGHT ! It can't be observed/analyzed without affecting it's character.

So I understand your point exactly.
I think discussions such as we have here are beneficial in helping to deal with some of the day-to-day mundane aspects of managing a variety of relationships but there comes a time & place in relationships where words largely just fail us and threaten to shadow something that is otherwise bright & beautiful.

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