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In our relationship, we each commit to giving each other the not-always pleasant truth. We also each commit to trusting the other to accept that truth. We then commit to coming to agreements in how we proceed, equipped with the truth.

For us, that commitment is more challenging, but also more rewarding than what we have found in a mono situation. I suppose our truths were always more or less the same as they are now, but the freedom to share them, the skill of handling them, and the closeness that comes from them, are some of the rewards. The sticking through the uncomfortable parts is the challenge.

I guess i look at it as though we have bigger and more complex challenges that we agree to see through to their end. Therefore, we have a bigger commitment.

Additionally, as a mathematical statement...

(Commitment x 1) < (Commitment x Many or multiple)

Do we not commit to all of our loves rather than only 1 love?

Math always tells the truth. Especially polymath.

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