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Hi DaisVinci,
I'm Jim. Welcome to the forum. Your situation is very interesting, and complex.

Originally Posted by Daisvinci View Post
I have set 2 rules..I hope this community understands the primace of them, he doesn't like the, though. These are temporary, of course.

1. No sex with her until I move in with them. I'm a virgin, and it's important to me to be the first one he makes love to in the X amount of time we've been together, and besides that, it just..means something to me. It's a lot to ask, but shes fine by it. He has an issue however. But, in my defense once more she's been able to have 2 children with him, and sleep alone in the same bed with him for years and years and have sex with him solo for years..and years.

2. When we are living together, I'd like to have more opportunity to sleep alone and be alone with him. He and I will be getting married, and I feel like at least temporarily I should have this privilege.
Please understand I'm not picking on you or casting negativity your way with what I'm about to say. Your virginity caught my eye. I imagine "new to poly+ldr+entangled past of your man with his ex+virginity" to present some tremendous challenges to you. I'm hoping that some of the forum ladies will have good advice to give you. I have some thoughts on the topic, but I think it more appropriately explored from a woman's point of view.

Best of luck, and i will definitely follow this thread.
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