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Thanks for your well wishes, ladies. Things seem to be all set, AOK, ducks in a row, for our new house! We have received and tweaked the lease, signed it, signed a lead information form (pre 70s house, a legal requirement), and the owner will be signing today! Then we just have to do a little damage inspection walk through and hand over a check, and move in!

Whew, I have had such sustained stress for the past 6 weeks or so. We lost out on like 3 houses before we finally nailed this one down. I am sure my immune system was repressed from all the stress hormones. I never really got a cold... just a tiny bit of congestion, daily fevers, headaches, and then my back went out. So I was down for about a week.

As of yesterday my back felt better. I was at miss p's place for a few days and she took good care of me, made me laugh, made me cum, cooked me delicious foods. She came back with me to Lowell yesterday afternoon and Ginger met us here. He brought me 2 dozen boxes and lots of newspaper and even styrofoam peanuts he'd had stored! Gods bless Ginger! Then of course, he gave me lots of boy sex. Mmmmm.... Now I am purring.

I need my strength to pack and move. My burly 21 year old son is coming to spend the weekend and we will tackle my rather large collection of vintage Pyrex. I've got time though, my lease isnt up til May 5.

Things will be different polywise after the move-- living with my gf full time and being so much closer to Ginger will change our dynamic all around. I am looking forward to it!
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