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Originally Posted by xtrememousey View Post
I guess I just don't want them to cut my boys out of their lives....or the baby coming....they are innocent and my.oldest boy adores his grandma and papa...

ugh.....this whole being happy thing in a non traditional family is hard. I don't understand why people can't be happy when their children are happy.
It is dreadful, I do understand. My mother appears to be making it her life's mission to estrange herself from her kids and grandchildren. I am not sure why (I am the only Poly one btw). It looks like she will face the future with all her descendants living as far away as possible from her and not having much contact, it is weird because I know she loves me, but why doesn't she want to make an effort to have a decent relationship without her pride, control issues and judgemental-ism get in the way? I just don't know.

I wish parents would understand that it is 'they' who are damaging the children by with holding attention/affection or causing a scene with threats and intimidation.

I suppose you could always try and take control and make them aware that it is up to them how they will take it and whether they wish to have a relationship with their own grandchildren, something along the lines of:

"I understand that this relationship is quite unusual and takes some getting used to, just be aware that we love each other, we are very happy and we are committed to raising the children in a happy and healthy home full of love. We truly believe that having their grandparents in their lives are key to their happiness so I would hope, that for THEIR (the children's) sake you will continue to help create that happy environment."

Something like that perhaps? I don't know I am not the best wordsmith, perhaps others can come out with better?

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