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Default So many questions...

I didn't know what NRE was before reading it in this blog. I'm not being sexist when I ask this, I'm just confused and curious. Does NRE affect men and women in the same way? Or do you think men are more prone to going gaga when they experience it? I ask because both Nisha and I have had other partners, not really long term ones, but she seems to be so much more in control of her relationship than I am with mine. But its not just this one case. I've seen other guys go bonkers when they first start a new relationship, it's like they have horse blinds on. I always thought this ridiculous until it happened to me. I don't think I went so far as to neglect Nisha or not notice her, but I just didn't realise how much I was hurting her or how I wasn't giving her all the attention she needed. I'm just confused as to what happened to me and how things went wrong and how I could prevent them happening again..

P.S.: I realised later that Zen Bonobo sounds dam pretentious... I'm not that. But that's what I want to be. A peaceful fun loving chimpanzee.
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