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I am doing this by cell phone, so forgive spelling andIll try to answer all the questions.

We have 2 kids, six and two. We recently spent 6 months apart and we came back together wanting the relationship to work.

We communicate very well (this time, the first time not so well) and she understand my feelings and was the once that directed me to this site.

The poly was not rushed, she has had 2 partners in the last 3 years.

She says she told me she was poly going into the relationship (I don't remember) and the first 4 years of us being together we were mono, she then decided she wanted the poly lifestyle. So after a kid and wonderful mono relationship I was forced to accept her as poly.

I am unsure if I have a soft or hard limit. I will never be apart of a triad. That isn't for me. If I formed a relationship with someone else of my own, it would be so I would be more like her. Not because I actually cared for the person I was in a relationship with. (Which is unfair to everyone)

Sex is the trigger but I don't know whether its unsafe or not, to save myself pain I refrain from asking about it at all, she is a lesbian and has only had relations with woman, so I don't know how unsafe that can be.

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