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I am watching "Love/Lust and Lingerie" with my hubby. I am rarely up at this time of night for anything other than checking on our children, so I am amazed at what is on the telly. I doubt Matt cares about corsets and knickers--unless they benefit him in some way. The godawful Kardashians were on. Do not get me started on that family. The wee hours of the AM means reality shows. I could do without them.

We are off today, which is why we are still awake. We have actually been talking. Another fraction of light. We have a counselling session this afternoon, and instead of driving back to London after, we are spending the rest of the day and the night in Berkshire. We will be back tomorrow morning in time to get to work. This was actually his idea. I must admit that I like it. Our children are going to be with their grandparents. They live really close, so our children will be minutes away. We are having lunch with them, so I am excited about today.

I just made dinner reservations at this restaurant we have both been wanting to try. I always leave our sessions feeling pretty good. Things get intense, but we have connected with our therapist and feel at ease. Our communication is improving. I see the benefits now that he is a bit more open minded and willing to actually listen to what she has to say.

Here is to a great day. (Definitely all smiles right now.)

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