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Since I get frustrated when I run into an interesting thread, but OP doesn't updated.... update!

Things are pretty limbo right now. DK and TJ are on a 'break' and aren't talking, which DK finds pretty miserable because the two of them work together. DK has been doing a lot of thinking about what his long-term relationship goals are.

We had a good talk - I feel that I can have many 'equal' people in my life, and he feels that primary/secondary makes sense in terms of life entanglement (house, career, kids, etc). He really wants a primary partner, and is pretty doubtful that I could be that primary partner, since I have WK. DK feels that the depth of the love may be equal, but anymore than being 'entangled' with one person would be confusing and he can't really imagine it.

So, we didn't talk about TJ that much. I can understand TJ distancing herself and not talking to him, because it's a crap situation, but there is probably still a part that is saying "he'll realize how miserable he is without me". Not sure how things will go, but me and DK have the communication lines up, which is good.

Thanks for the feedback so far.
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