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Default First thought...

I think the other part of this is the idea of being able to give without the expectation of reciprocation. So many people are willing to give... to a point. They will give out positive energy, forgiveness, money, time etc. until such point as they believe they are owed something in return.

It's that sense of entitlement that seems to be pervasive and destructive in our society. So few people seem to know how to give freely without strings attached and the limitations that are inherent to conditional thinking.

To state that such an attitude of entitlement is detrimental to a relationship is an understatement. I think it's even more destructive in a poly relationship. When one, or more than one, individual(s) feel entitled to demand time, money, love, sex, and/or positive energy from the other(s) in the relationship, it only undermines the entire spirit behind love.

You can goad someone into being angry. You can torment them into feeling sad. You can tickle them and tease them into uncontrolled laughter... but you cannot demand or force love. It is the one and only feeling that can only be GIVEN, not taken against someone's will. In fact, the very act of demanding it often has the exact opposite result.

A true soul mate... soul friend... a true love, doesn't give until they no longer feel like giving... they give until they believe they have filled YOUR need and you have stopped needing.
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