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*sigh* It's been two weeks since I've really seen J- ... it's kinda sucked. My personal issues with insecurity have had me worried about feeling detached. This always happens when I don't people I really care about very much. I get very apprehensive, especially with people I don't know really well. Course it hits me really hard when it comes to him, but I do end up feeling the same way about other people I've met only recently. When I haven't seen them in a while I start to wonder if the relationship is the way I really think it is. I wonder if my friends really like me or if they're just putting up with me. Like maybe they're too nice to just tell me to fuck off. >.>

It's something I deal with every day, some days more than others. It becomes especially a problem with I'm stressed out, and I'm defiantly stressing out recently. The semester just started so I'm busy getting started with classes and getting ready to study abroad, get scholarships, looking for a new job... Also the husband lost his job >.> I was kinda trying to go with the flow today...but it finally hit me and I broke down for a little while.

Ah the joys of stress and depression.
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