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I know i am the one manofdiscovery was talking about when he said people were offended by something someone said. Since i don't really like that individual and was not addressing that individual in my previous post, i am opting to not engage in dialogue with that individual.

That said, i do believe that it is good for people to feel "offended" now and then. In fact, i think people need to be "offended" more often. I ENJOY "being offended" because it forces me to think about things i wouldn't ordinarily think about. Because i can take it as well as i can dish it out, i totally think it's my duty to say things that might offend people; believe it or not, i get thank-you PM's from people sometimes both for helping them see things from that other perspective, or for saying something to someone else that they wAnted to say but didn't have the nerve to say because it was "too offensive".

So you see, i know exactly what i am doing, why i am doing it, and i am comfortable with myself and people perceiving me however they do.

tl; dr Sometimes i make new friends, sometimes i make new enemies, but i remain true to myself the entire time.
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