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I feel like you just looked into my soul, and read everything I was feeling. I honestly think she is only here dealing with me because she wants him. I have felt like I am more of someone who is a friend to her since we have both been through some ups and downs with bf and that's why she's comfortable with me. Yesterday though she had a argumetb with bf and told him that she feels like he's changed and isn't the same Stanley to her. He's not sweet and romantic even though she isn't the type. Bf told her we have all changed in a sense yet I have realized I can't be cold and heartless to the one I love so me and him do continue to talk how we used to talk. He in turn told her that she has changed and she isn't the sweet person he met either. She proceeded to by statig that's her and I both have a reason to change he has done so much ( I stayed out of the argument) and it does take a toll. The thing is I understand it will cause a change in attitude but, I realized I accepted everything and forgave bf for past faults so I can not continue to hold a grudge on the past. It's a new movement we are going for and the attitude she has has been constant even when she says she is over things the underlying attitude she had over flows the "I'm okay with everything" persona she portrays. Yesterday I told bf that it sucks because I'm an open minded person and I'm trying a trinagomous relationship because I was indeed curious and free spirited in the decision, since the beginning she has stated it wasn't temporary and that this wasn't what she wants. Now it is but I still have my doubts boyfriend says to think positive but how can I when I can sense it all over her. Yesterday I was sick and really needed them both and bf was going to take me to the hospital and before she left for work she had an attitude then left without kissing bf goodbye. She kissed me though. Later on during the day while we were at the hospital she started texting him telling him I don't think you can handle two girlfriends and that her feelings and her well being arent being considered when we have made sure that she is well considered and that is what led to the argument of the night. I'm standing by my bf side but gf thinks that every time she says how she feels we are attacking her but its not the case it's the fact that everytime she expresses herself it's about how we don't care and how bf doesn't show her attention which he does. It's overwhelming really is I told bf last night I honesty think that she's just putting up with me just to be wih you after all he is her first real bf and serious relationship. He told me if that's true she will get tired and she will want to leave but that we just have to see if she really is just seeking for him to let me go or is here for the both of us, I'm in a constant limbo cus she claims she does want me but feels like we don't care for her how is that so I accepted this relationship I accepted her and I brought her into my home.
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