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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
I am sorry you are upset.

I'm a bit confused... What is he doing that you do not want?
1) Pining for the ex and dreaming?

2) Or asking the ex to get back together with him even though you don't want him to pursue her?
If it is 1, then perhaps with time he will come back to earth and meet your needs in your relationship. He can still love the ex but past is past.

If it is 2, and he's not meeting needs and there is no hope of meeting needs in future... perhaps it is best to accept and split.

Only you know if partner meets your needs or not (both in short term and in long term.) So debating whether to break up or not... that's up to you.

Hang in there!

he is still talking to her despite it hurts so much that she won't talk to me, she doesn't love me anymore but she still loves him again it hurts, she said she doesn't want a relationship with him but that was a lie.

when he is with me and its just us I don't feel he meets all my needs.

he said today he doesn't want to lose me and he loves me so much, which is great but he loves her more than me, we have been together for ten years and he was with her for 8 months.

he said he wish he didn't get back together with me and he wished he met her in uni and dated her and dumped me, this guy who I love isn't poly if he is thinking like this. or is he?

j is done with me and everything to do with me and she is still talking to G, this hurts so much.
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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