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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post

God that sucks, well I think it does anyway. Maybe you're not getting "physically rejected" per se, but you're getting rejected by way of that lack of trust. That actually seems worse than if it was because "I'm not attracted anymore." It's like being rejected for a personality reason. Ouch, ouch.

I don't suppose there's any chance he could give you a timetable on this aspect of it. Naming a time (estimated date) when he thinks he will be able to do the physical intimacy thing again. You would think he must miss it too, even if it doesn't feel safe to him right now.

God that sucks.
It sucks bonobo balls. Matt might as well have said, "I am not attracted to you anymore." Physically he is. That much I do know, but something in that brain or heart of his is saying no.

A timetable would be wonderful. I get the feeling that an exact date will not be reasonable. I asked him this morning. All he said was in time. That could be weeks or months. If he misses it, I cannot tell.
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