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Totally feeling what you're feeling. I'm also flying high on my NRE and I've only been able to see my bf about once a week as well. It's usually only an overnight thing. These are fun but I miss him as soon as he leaves and all you can do is think about him and want to just see him and hug him and kiss him. You don't even need to fuck him. LOL.

I was taking trips into town so I could stop by my husband's work to have lunch with him but also to get a quick hug to my boyfriend. This would help a little.

We text during the day but that doesn't really cut it. Plus, you kind of lose things to talk about like that. It's just not like real communication at all.

I don't really know what the solution is. Some of the reason we don't see each other more is because he lives an hour away and it costs gas money to come and see. My husband and him could carpool but then questions start to be asked, so they don't do that too much or try to be sly about it. Carpooling to save money doesn't work because my boyfriend rides to work with his dad every day and he lives in the opposite direction we do.

And also because my husband doesn't think we need to see each other that much. He doesn't even want us to see each other weekly, I feel. Or he lets us but he gets upset by it.

What has been helping a little is cam/voice chatting. And playing video games together. But last time the network was messed up so I could hear him but he couldn't hear me. So we were doing the "jump for yes. Swing for no." haha. That didn't work too hot when he was upset about his family and I needed to comfort him and all I could do was say "yes" or "no" and I couldn't say "I love you and I'm here for you."
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