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Originally Posted by nancyfore View Post
Can you put your bf on hold or leave things as they are or even step back a bit until your hubby can work through his issue? I know its not what you want to do but if its what you need to do are you willing to do it?
What does it mean? I know I can't just stop loving him. I did read this to him and he wants us to "pull back the reins a bit". I don't know how to do this or what this even means. He is okay with us going out sometimes but is not specific about when.

He is more okay with him coming over here so my husband is there to watch. This is okay and we have fun with this, but we really would like our alone time too. Husband says we have our entire lives to do that but eventually my bf is going to want to find a wife and I'm not going to be as important to him. I want to enjoy our love when it's young and fresh but I don't want to hurt my husband either. . .

Originally Posted by nancyfore View Post
Is he having trouble with the move from swinging to relationship? Maybe the change scares him.

Maybe he thought casual sex was/is ok but developing feelings wasn't what he thought it would be and is now wishing it could be back to swinging again.
He's mostly just taken aback by how quickly I developed emotions for him. I'm the first woman my husband has ever loved, but I have been in love a few times before. I understand that love happens very quickly for me but I don't necessarily fall in love easily. Just that when it does happen, it's fast and hard.

My husband also fell in love with me quickly, but he's not really understanding how this would work for me and someone else.

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